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Energy that drives the water cycle come from
a) the sun b) ocean waves c) inside Earth d) electricity
In the water cycle, plants release water vapor into the air
a) as run off b) as precipitation c) as transpiration d) as condensation
What do transpiration and evaporation have in common?
a) they are both part of the carbon cycle b) they both deal with the turning of water into vapor c) they both involve plants d) they are both part of the oxygen cycle
In the water cycle, what happens during condensation?
a) Water falls to the ground from clouds. b) Liquid water changes to water vapor. c) Water flows over the ground. d) Water vapor changes to liquid water
What weather instrument measure air pressure?
a) barometer b) anemometer c) hygrometer d) rain gauge
What does high air pressure usually mean?
a) stormy weather b) rising temperatures c) fair weather d) falling temperatures
When are you most likely to see white cumulus clouds?
a) on a foggy day b) on a rainy day c) before or during a thunderstorm d) on a sunny day
What kind of weather are stratus clouds most likely to bring?
a) sunshine b) hail c) rain d) thunder
Which kind of weather are areas near oceans most likely to have?
a) mild and wet b) cold and wet c) mild and dry d) hot and dry
In what direction does the Jet Stream usually flow?
a) from east to west b) from south to north c) from north to south d) from west to east
How does the Gulf Stream affect weather patterns?
a) It moves air, which causes wind to blow. b) It blocks air, which stops wind from blowing. c) It warms air, which warms land along the coast. d) It cools air, which cools land along the coast.
Which provides unusually COOL ocean waters that affect weather patterns in North American?
a) El Nino b) La Nina c) Gulf Stream d) Jet Stream
Which condition suggests that a change from fair to stormy weather is MOST LIKELY on the way?
a) decreasing air pressure b) constant air pressure c) increasing air pressure d) decreasing wind speed
Suppose the polar Jet Stream shifts to bring air from the north down farther south. Which of these is MOST LIKELY to happen?
a) The winds will decrease. b) The winds will increase. c) The temperature will fall. d) The temperature will rise.
During Ms. Kelly's vacation in July, she went to visit Johannesburg, South Africa. What season is it in South Africa in July?
a) fall b) winter c) spring d) summer
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