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Which of the following below is a solution?
a) Trail mix b) Grape soda c) Sand and rocks d) Carbon Dioxide
Can solutions be made of only gases?
a) Yes b) No c) d)
In a solution is there generally more of the solute or the solvent?
a) solvent b) solute c) d)
Solutions are ______________ mixtures.
a) homogeneous b) heterogeneous c) d)
What would effect the speed (the most) a solute dissolving in a solvent?
a) Temperature of solvent/solute b) color of solvent/solute c) container the solution is in d)
What is solute one usually puts in coffee?
a) Water b) CO2 c) Nitrogen d) Sugar
How could you make a liquid solution less concentrated? (Weaken the solution)
a) add more solute b) Add water c) heat the solution d)
What type of solution is air?
a) A solid-solid solution b) A gas-solid solution c) A gas-gas solution d)
What gas is put in soda to make it bubble?
a) Nitrogen b) Hydrogen c) Carbon dioxide d) Helium
How could you make a solution more concentrated? (strengthen the solution)
a) Freeze the solution b) Add more solute c) Add more solvent d)
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