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What river runs from the Andes mountains through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean?
a) Amazon River b) Danube River c) Parana River d) Orinoco River
What extensive physical feature runs from Venezuela to Southern Chile?
a) Atacama Desert b) Sierra Madre Mountain Range c) Alps d) Andes Mountain Range
What two bodies of water border Mexico on its eastern and western sides?
a) Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean b) Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean c) Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico d) Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean
What physical feature was created to help world trade in Latin America and is an isthmus?
a) Suez Canal b) Panama Canal c) Erie Canal d) Huron Canal
What Caribbean country speaks French and shares an Island with the Dominican Republic?
a) Haiti b) Cuba c) Bahamas d) Jamaica
What Peninsula juts out in Mexico that helps separate the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea?
a) Scandinavian Peninsula b) Iberian Peninsula c) Jutland Peninsula d) Yucatan Peninsula
What country is North of the United States?
a) New York b) Mexico c) Canada d) Russia
What mountain ranges in Mexico helped form its unique bowl shape?
a) Sierra Madre b) Rockies c) Appalachians d) Alps
What country in eastern South America has Seven major seaports and is the largest country in South America?
a) Argentina b) Chile c) Colombia d) Brazil
What communist island country is less than 150 miles from the Florida coastline?
a) Hati b) Cuba c) Brazil d) Dominican Republic
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