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What kind of bacteria cause harm to grain, fruit, and vegetable crops?
a) pathogenic bacteria b) bio remedial bacteria c) insulin-fixing bacteria d) nitrogen-fixing bacteria
the use of microorganisms to treat hazardous waste
a) lactose b) bioremediation c) d)
What type of bacteria break down dead plant and animal matter?
a) scavenger bacteria b) decomposer bacteria c) producer bacteria d) pathogenic bacteria
changes in the genes of bacteria or other living things
a) genetic engineering b) pathogenic bacteria c) d)
the sugar in milk
a) vitamin D b) lactose c) d)
the process in which bacteria change nitro-gen in the air into a form that plants can use
a) oxygen fixation b) nitrogen fixation c) d)
medicine use to treat many bacterial diseases
a) antibiotic b) Mrs. P's ointment c) d)
bacteria that cause disease
a) pathogenic bacteria b) microgenic bacteria c) d)
Conan the Bacterium is found in
a) cow pies b) elephant dung c) both of the above d)
Flagellum helps a bacteria cells
a) Drive b) Move c) Eat d)
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