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What is Salmonella
a) A bacteria found in some undercooked food b) A virus found in water c) A single cell animal that eats your brain d) A disease caused by too much pollen in the air
Why is burning pollution the worst way of getting rid of it?
a) It goes back into the air b) It doesnt completely get rid of the pollution c) the pollution will come back as rain d) All of the above
When we use incineration to get rid of waste, we are:
a) Bury the pollution under rocks b) burn the pollution with fire c) put up a clay wall around the pollution d) pick up and move the source of the pollution
Trying to fix the environment is called
a) Reconciliation b) Remediation c) Reconstruction d) Redabbling
Where does most groundwater come from?
a) Precipitation like rain and snow b) The ocean c) Condensation d) Glaciers Melting
what are large pockets of groundwater called?
a) Cave Nodes b) Aquifers c) Saddlepits d) Hydrospits
What is NOT a common source of water pollution?
a) Pesticides b) Runoff c) Car Chemicals d) Smokestack Pollution
Captain Hook is a popular pirate character with what sort of prosthetic limb?
a) Eye Patch b) Hook Hand c) Peg Leg d) Wooden Teeth
Oscar Pistorious competed in the Olympics using what?
a) Prosthetic Arms b) Prosthetic Legs c) Prosthetic Hands d) Biotic Eyes
Anne taught Helen to communicate using what?
a) Sign Language b) Braille c) Interpretive Dance d) Anne failed to teach Helen anything
4/5 patients are cured by this product is an example of which advertising technique?
a) Testimonials b) Science/Data c) Bandwagoning d) Glitter/Glitz
What was wrong with Helen Keller?
a) She was blind b) She was Deaf c) She was blind and deaf d) She was blind, deaf, and mute
Testimonials is an advertising technique that encourages people to...
a) Be unique b) be like everyone else c) make decisions based on science d) rely on the advice of celebrities
Bandwagoning is an advertising technique that encourages people to
a) Be unique b) Be like everyone else c) Make decisions based on science d) Rely on the advice of celebrities
The main goal of advertising is to what?
a) Sell a product or idea b) Start a discussion c) create social change d) make people laugh
Cryptosporidium is a parasite that infected the water supply of what major US city?
a) Boston b) New York c) Phoenix d) Milwaukee
Officials in the city of Milwaukee tested for Cryptosporidium using which technique?
a) Gram stain b) Blood sample c) Stool sample d) ECG scan
Cryptosporidium got how many people sick in Milwaukee in 1993?
a) 400,000 b) 200,000 c) 20,000 d) 1,000,000
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