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Which is the best definition for nationalism?
a) Extreme pride in one’s country b) Fascination with military weapons c) An understanding among nations d) A desire to enlarge empires
The Industrial Revolution (industrialization) inspired a rise in militarism, nationalism and competition which resulted in what war?
a) The Civil War b) The Cold War c) World War I d) World War II
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked the beginnings of what war?
a) WWI b) WWII c) Cold War d) None of the above
What were the four MAIN causes of World War I?
a) money, alliances, intelligence, nationalism b) militarism, alliances, imperialism, Nazi's c) militarism, arguments, imperialism, nationalism d) militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
Tanks, submarines, and machine guns were first used during which war?
a) World War I b) World War II c) Cold War d) American Civil War
In WWI, Germany: Central Powers :: ___________: Allies
a) Poland b) Britain c) Spain d) Switzerland
What was the name of the leader who brought communism to Russia and renamed it the Soviet Union?
a) Czar Nicholas II b) Joseph Stalin c) Adolf Hitler d) Vladimir Lenin
Which of the following is a reason that the Russian Revolution began?
a) Russians thought they were losing too many soldiers in WWI b) The Russians felt it was unfair for the royal family to live in such luxury while the rest of the country was so poor c) There were shortages of food and fuel in Russia and people lost faith in their government d) All of the above
Communism is based on the teachings of
a) Adolf Hitler b) John Locke c) Karl Marx d) Plato
After WWI, Germany was forced to pay reparations. What are reparations?
a) Give up men to other countries' armies. b) Loan money to other countries c) Rebuild land destroyed in the war d) Repay war damages
Which were effects of the Great Depression?
a) Loss of employment and income b) People gained land and businesses grew c) People had more money and better jobs d) Banks lent money to struggling businesses
Why did the Nazi Party become the largest party in Germany's government?
a) People were unhappy about Germany's economy b) They promised lower taxes c) They won a civil war d) Mussolini was a powerful leader
Franklin D. Roosevelt: United States :: Winston Churchill: _______________
a) France b) Germany c) Great Britain d) Soviet Union
What was the World War II alliance of Germany, Japan, and Italy called?
a) The Nazis b) The Triple Entente c) The Axis Powers d) The Alliance
World War II came to an end when
a) the U.S. captured Berlin b) the Allies defeated Italy c) the Allies defeated Germany d) the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Japan
The beginnings of the Cold War were found in what occupied country?
a) Germany b) Great Britain c) France d) Poland
The Cold War was a 40 year standoff between which two countries?
a) Germany and Soviet Union b) Great Britain and France c) Germany and the U.S. d) U.S. andthe Soviet Union
Ronald Reagan influenced which leader to bring change to the Soviet Union in the 1980s?
a) Joseph Stalin b) Vladimir Lenin c) Mikhail Gorbachev d) Winston Churchill
The Spinning Jenny, Power Loom, and Steam Engine all emerged during
a) the Cold War b) World War I c) World War II d) Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution was a time of
a) People protesting the government b) Change from manual labor to manufacturing and technology c) Populations moving from cities to rural areas d) Moving toward the Cottage Industry
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