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What happens to the intensity of solar enrgy as latitude increases
a) stays the same b) increases c) decreases d) doubles
Which region is located between 23.5o north and soutrh of the equator
a) temperate zone b) tropical zone c) polar zone d) desert zone
The rain shadow effect is associated with
a) oceans b) rivers c) latitude d) mountains
The leeward side of a mountain is often
a) wet b) cold c) hot d) dry
What is the relationship between elevation and climate
a) the higher the elevation, the colder the climate b) the lower the elevation, the colder the climate c) the higher the elevation is, the warmer the climate d) there is no relationship between elevation and climate
Increased altitiude genrally causes lower
a) relative humidity b) temperatures c) wind velocities d) rainfall amounts
How would the climate of a coastal city differ from that of a city at the same latitude located farhter inland
a) the coastal city would have cooler termperatures b) the coastal dity would have colder winters c) the coastal city would have hotter summers d) they are at the same latitide so theri climates would not differ
Heat and moisture are distributed around Earth by
a) precipitation b) global winds c) rain shadows d) transpiration
What do plants release into the air during transpiration
a) pollen b) water vapor c) carbon dioxide d) complex sugars
What factor defines all groups in the Koppen system, with the exception of dry climates
a) temperatures b) precipitation c) evaporation d) air pressure
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