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Are composed of Electrons and are faster and more penetrating than alpha particles.
a) alphe b) gamme c) gamma d) Beta
Is made of electric magnetic waves, has no mass or charge and is the most penetrating form of radiation.
a) Beta b) Alpha c) Gamma d) Mamma
The total amount of fissionable material required for fission is called?
a) critical mass b) activation energy c) starting spot d) a bomb
The release of matter and energy from nuclear decay is called?
a) tranmutation b) radioactivity c) power d) strong force
The amojunt of time it takes for half the nuclei in a radioactive sample to decay?
a) 1 hour b) half life c) 5 years d) whole life
A form of radiation that travels in waves.
a) gamma b) beta c) delta d) alpha
Elements with an atomic number greater than _______ are synthetic.
a) 93 b) 89 c) 100 d) 68
Energy in the sun is produced as a result of nuclear_____________?
a) power b) fusion c) fission d) radiation
Elements greater than ________ are radioactive.
a) 93 b) 84 c) 100 d) 68
When an electron that is produced when a neutron decays is called?
a) an alpha particle b) beta particle c) negatron d) gamma radiation
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