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The green lush grass, smelled like a summer day.
a) imagery b) metaphor c) personification d) plot
When a character goes back in time to a memory.
a) theme b) foreshadowing c) flashback d) allusion
The cat was as black as a moonless night.
a) simile b) metaphor c) flashback d) foreshadowing
An unexpected turn is an example of what?
a) metaphor b) tone c) theme d) irony
The giant wave swallowed the beach as it receeded.
a) simile b) imagery c) personification d) metaphor
When there is something that lets the reader know that something will be happening, it is an example of..
a) flashback b) foreshadowing c) theme d) tone
The underlying message of a story
a) theme b) tone c) allusion d) alliteration
The description of a what a charachter is like.
a) imagery b) irony c) characterization d) plot
Six simple sparrows flew away, is an example of..
a) personification b) irony c) alliteration d) theme
The perspective of the narrator.
a) imagery b) metaphor c) flashback d) point-of-view
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