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An atom that has the same number of protons but different number of neutrons
a) isotope b) electron c) ion d) covalent
Postive charge in the nucleus of an atom
a) neutron b) electron c) proton d)
Negative charge in an atom
a) electron b) neutron c) proton d)
A particle in an atom that has no charge
a) proton b) electron c) neutron d)
Electrons are found in this part of an atom
a) neutron b) electron cloud c) d)
The dense center of an atom
a) nucleus b) electron cloud c) d)
The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
a) mass number b) atomic mass unit c) atomic number d)
The sum of protons and neutrons in an atom
a) atomic mass unit b) atomic number c) mass number d)
The particle in an atom that has the least mass
a) proton b) neutron c) electron d)
An atom of oxygen has 8 protons, 8 neutrons, and 8 electrons. What is its mass number?
a) 8 b) 16 c) 24 d) 32
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