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According to the order of presidential succession, who would serve as president after the vice president?
a) Secretary of State b) Speaker of the House c) Chief of Staff d) Secretary of Defense
What is an action taken by the president that has the force of law but does not need to be passed by Congress?
a) pardon b) entitlement c) executive order d) reprieve
What law requires that the president bring troops back after 60-90 days?
a) Presidential Succession Act b) Gulf of Tonkin Resolution c) War Powers Act d) 25th Amendment
what is it called when a president forgives one person of a crime?
a) pardon b) repreive c) amnesty d) executive order
what do we call the people that officially elect the president?
a) bureaucrats b) electors c) legislators d) the secret service
what is it called when the president temporarily suspends a sentence?
a) pardon b) entitlement c) reprieve d) executive order
what exists to help the president carry out the laws?
a) the Electoral College b) Congress c) the Supreme Court d) the Bureaucracy
Which of the following would disqualify a person from being preisdent?
a) te person is poor b) the person is 30 years old c) the person is a high school drop out d) the person is a member of a third party
What is the purpose of the War Powers Act?
a) limit the president's role as commander in chief b) ensure the president has enough money to go to war c) prevent another war with England d) allows the vice president to act as commander in chief if he has military expirience
Which of the following is NOT a power of the president
a) veto b) commander in chief c) enforce the laws d) declare laws unconstitutional
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