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During which part of the water cycle do clouds form?
a) precipitation b) the rain shadow c) condensation d) evaporation
How does the Pacific Ocean affect the Atacama Desert?
a) A cold current raises the desert's temperature b) A cold current lowers the desert's temperature c) A warm current raises the desert's temperature d) A warm current lowers the desert's temperature
Why does the Atacama Desert receive almost no rainfall?
a) It is on the leeward side of the Andes Mountains b) It is on the windward side of the Andes Mountains c) It is at the top of the Andes Mountains d) It is west of the Pacific Ocean
What conditions would you expect to see on the rain shadow side of a mountain?
a) warm and wet b) cold and wet c) warm and dry d) cold and dry
Why do different parts of the Earth's surface receive different amounts of energy from the sun?
a) Earth's surface is curved b) Earth rotates c) Not all solar energy is absorbed d) Ocean currents carry energy away
When moist air rises
a) it evaporates b) it cools c) it warms d) it produces solar energy
What is evaporation?
a) a change in state from a gas to a liquid b) liquid water that falls to Earth's surface c) a change in state from a liquid to a gas d) solid water that falls to Earth's surface
Solar energy
a) never reaches the poles b) causes Earth's rotation c) produces carbon dioxide d) is energy from the sun
Which part of Earth's surface receives sunlight MOST directly?
a) the equator b) the South Pole c) the Pacific Ocean d) the Andes mountains
How does elevation affect temperature?
a) increased elevation produces lower temperatures b) increased elevation produces higher temperatures c) increased elevation does not affect temperature d) decreased elevation produces lower temperatures
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