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This type of cell is found in sponges and they contain flagella that help take in food from the water.
a) Collar cells b) Amoebocytes c) Cnidocytes d)
This tropism causes the plant to react to touch.
a) Thigmotropism b) Gravitropism c) Phototropism d)
This hormone is responsible for stimulating fruit to rippen.
a) Ethylene b) Cytokinins c) Auxins d) Gibberellins
This type of cell in plants is important because it controls gas exchange.
a) Guard cells b) Epidermis cells c) Palisade Mesophyll cells d) Spongy mesophyll cells
In this type of root system, the roots grow above ground.
a) Prop b) Fibrous c) Taproot d)
This transports water and consists of tracheids and vessel elements.
a) Xylem b) Phloem c) Companion Cells d)
Monocots have ________.
a) Floral parts in 3s b) Fibrous roots c) Scattered vascular bundles d) All Choices
This type of plant has naked seeds.
a) Gymnosperms b) Angiosperms c) Ferns d) Bryophytes
Bryophytes need water for survival because ______.
a) sperm need to swim through water to fertilize the egg. b) they are nonvascular. c) absorb water through diffusion d) All choices
This type of cell contains a stinging capsule and are found in hydras.
a) Cnidocytes b) Collar Cells c) Amoebocytes d)
This type of digestive system has one opening for food and waste.
a) Sac b) Complete c) d)
The clitellum in earthworms is part of their ______.
a) reproductive system b) digestive system c) circulatory system d) excretory system
In this organism, the mouth develops from the blastospore.
a) Protostomes b) Deuterostomes c) d)
Arachnids have a cephalothorax that consists of __________.
a) a fused head and thorax b) a fused head and abdomen c) a fused thorax and abdomen d)
With this type of metamorphosis, the juvienelle looks very similar to the adult.
a) Incomplete b) Complete c) d)
Endoskeletons can consist of _______.
a) All choices b) Bone c) cartilage d) bone and cartilage
The notocord will develop into this for many organisms.
a) vertebrae b) nervous system c) digestive system d)
The Ampullae of Lorenzini allow sharks to _______.
a) sense vibrations in the water b) see c) hear d) smell
The amnion protects the embryo from _______.
a) drying out b) growing c) drowning d)
In birds this helps birds maintain high levels of oxygen and reduce their density.
a) Air-sacs b) Air-bladder c) Lungs d)
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