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Texture of metamorphic rocks caused by the layering of mineral crystals
a) Crystal Shape b) Hardness c) Foliation d) Contact Metamorphism
A change in the texture, structure, or chemical composition of a rock due to
a) Intrusive Igneous Rock b) Crystal Structure c) Crystal Shape d) Contact Metamorphism
Largely composed of solid sediments, such as the sand in sandstone, or the tiny pieces of clay in shale
a) Clastic Sedimentary Rock b) Bioclastic Sedimentary Rock c) Igneous Rock d) Crystal Shape
The resistance a mineral offers to being scratched. Also, the scratchability (yes, this is a term in your book) of a mineral.
a) Hardness b) Crystal Structure c) Inorganic d) Fracture
Uneven surfaces
a) Fossil b) Foliation c) Fracture d) Inorganic
Any rock made by living organisms or mostly composed of materials from life forms
a) Bioclastic Sedimentary Rock b) Clastic Sedimentary Rock c) Igneous Rock d) Fossil
The outward geometric shape of a mineral, also known as crystal form
a) Fossil b) Inorganic c) Crystal Structure d) Crystal Shape
Formed when magma solidifies beneath Earth's solid surface.
a) Hardness b) Intrusive Igneous Rock c) Bioclastic Sedimentary Rock d) Clastic Sedimentary Rock
The tendency of a mineral to break along zones of weakness and form smooth to semi-smooth parallel sides, or surfaces
a) Intrusive Igneous Rock b) Chemical Sedimentary Rock c) Crystal Structure d) Cleavage
The pattern or arrangement of atoms that characterize each mineral
a) Crystal Shape b) Contact Metamorphism c) Fracture d) Crystal Structure
Formed when natural, molten rock-forming material cools and turns into a solid.
a) Clastic Sedimentary Rock b) Igneous Rock c) Contact Metamorphism d) Fossil
Formed when lava solidifies on or above Earth's solid surface.
a) Inorganic b) Fossil c) Intrusive Igneous Rock d) Extrusive Igneous Rock
Not part of a life form or made by living or former life forms; not organic
a) Fracture b) Inorganic c) Hardness d) Crystal Shape
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