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What happens when you add an acid and a base?
a) they combust b) they separate c) they neutralize d) they disappear
An indicator is used to measure the
a) pH of a solution b) the solubility of the solute c) number of components in a mixture d) speed at which a solute dissolves
Which number (s) are a possible pH for a solution that contains more hydronium ions than hydroxide ions?
a) 7 b) 8 c) 9 d) 6
Composition can vary
a) compound b) mixture c) element d) concentration
Can be described as saturated
a) concentration b) element c) compound d) solubility
When you add more solute to a solution, you change the
a) solubility b) concentration c) compound d) substance
Can be described as dilute
a) solubility b) pH scale c) concentration d) energy
Keeps its physical properties after being combined
a) substance b) compound c) mixture d) element
What forms hydroxide ions when mixed with water?
a) bases b) acids c) d)
What are formed when acids mix with water?
a) hydroxide ions b) hydronium ions c) acids d) bases
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