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Which patriot warned the British were coming?
a) Paul Revere b) Paul Bunyon c) Paul McCartney d)
Which patriot wrote the Declaration of Independence?
a) Thomas Jefferson b) John Adams c) John Smith d)
Who wrote the book Connon Sense?
a) Thomas Paine b) Thomas Jefferson c) Paul Revere d)
What are the four rights guaranteed in the first amendment?
a) Freedom of speech, religion, press, and the right to assemble b) Freedom of speech, religion, guns, press c) d)
Who led the British at the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War?
a) Charles Cornwallis b) Thomas Jefferson c) d)
What is the purpose of the judicial branch of the US government?
a) Interpret or determine the meaning of laws b) Make laws c) d)
What event made government leaders decide to revise the Articles of Confederation?
a) Shay's Rebellion b) Boston Massacre c) d)
What words from the preamble mean the US is a democracy?
a) We the people b) We are in charge c) d)
What are the first ten amendments to the constriction called?
a) Bill of rights b) The constitution c) d)
What document gives the government power to tax the stars, create courts, and coin money?
a) Constitution b) Bill of Right c) d)
What book would you look to find maps?
a) Atlas b) Thesaurus c) Dictionary d) Encyclopedia
The 3/5ths Compromise limited the number of slaves counted toward taxation and _______.
a) Representation b) Freedom c) d)
Which branch of government is headed by the President?
a) Executive branch b) Judicial branch c) d)
What type of map shows rivers, mountains, and state capitals?
a) Physical map b) Political map c) d)
All early cities shared one geographic feature. What was it?
a) Rivers b) Mountains c) d)
What direction did Native Americans have to move when they lost land in the NW Territory?
a) West b) North c) East d) South
The 13colonies originally belonged to what country?
a) England b) Spain c) d)
What did the purchase of the Louisiana Territory do to the size of US?
a) Doubled b) Triple c) d)
What are the two men who led the exploration of the Louisiana Terriotry?
a) Lewis and Clark b) Tom and Jerry c) d)
What geographic formation was a barrier to people moving west?
a) The Appalachian Mountains b) The Rocky Mountains c) d)
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