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Who wrote our National Anthem?
a) John McHenry b) c) John Smith d) Francis Scott Key
How tall is each head on Mount Rushmore?
a) 60 b) c) 80 d) 75
How many years did it take to sculpt Mount Rushmore?
a) 12 b) c) 14 d) 10
How many stars does the American Flag have?
a) 45 b) c) 25 d) 50
Where is the Statue of Liberty located?
a) Connecticut b) c) New York d) Philadelphia
Who sculpted the Statue of Liberty?
a) Frederic Auguste Bartholdi b) c) Charles Thompson d) Francis Scott Key
What year was the Liberty Bell sent to Philadelphia?
a) 1891 b) c) 1800 d) 1782
Where was the Liberty Bell made?
a) London England b) c) Spain d) Paris, France
What is the National bird of the United States?
a) Cardinal b) c) Eagle d) Blue Jay
Who designed our United States Seal?
a) John Smith b) c) Gutzon Borglum d) Charles Thompson
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