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To please or satisfy
a) gratify b) kin c) quince d) vanish
Inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge
a) patent b) inquisitive c) parsonage d) gratify
One's relatives; family; kinfolk
a) superintendent b) vanish c) kin d) trepidation
The official residence usually provided by a church, for its parson; a rectory
a) kin b) sanitarium c) patent d) parsonage
A government grant that gives only the inventor the right to use and sell their invention for a set period of time.
a) kin b) patent c) trepidation d) vanish
The many-seeded fruit of a western Asian shrub, edible only when cooked
a) patent b) kin c) quince d) parsonage
A hospital for recuperation or for the treatment of chronic diseases, or mental illness
a) parsonage b) gratify c) patent d) sanitarium
A person who has the authoriity to supervise or direct
a) superintendent b) sanitarium c) inquisitive d) trepidation
A state of alarm or dread; apprehension; synonym for fear
a) quince b) vanish c) trepidation d) patent
To pass out of sight, especially quickly; disapear
a) gratify b) kin c) inquisitive d) vanish
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