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A front forms when ...
a) two air masses bump into each other b) two air masses move away from each other c) two storms combine d) enough water evaporates to form clouds
What type of front forms when two air masses meet and neither can move the other
a) cold front b) warm front c) occluded front d) stationary front
Kentucky is affected by ocean currents because it is close to the Atlantic Ocean
a) False b) True c) d)
Ocean currents are affected by
a) wind b) the Coriolis Effect c) both winds and the Coriolis Effect d) the shipping trade
What type of heat transfer is occurring between a stove and a pot?
a) conduction b) radiation c) convection d) evaporation
What type of heat transfer is occurring when hot air rises?
a) convection b) conduction c) condensation d) radiation
Which type of heat transfer would allow you to cook food?
a) all of these would cook food b) conduction c) radiation d) convection
Which of the following is an example of radiation?
a) all of these are examples of heat transfer by radiation b) a light bulb c) a microwave d) the sun
In order for two objects to transfer heat by conduction they must
a) be touching b) have the same number of atoms c) be made of the same material d) be exposed to radiation
This type of heat transfer is the way heat moves in liquids and gasses.
a) convection b) radiation c) conduction d) evaporation
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