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Which planets are best described as revolving faster, rotating slower, having smaller mass and fewer satellites
a) the Terrestrial planets b) the Jovian planets c) only Jupiter and Pluto d) only Earth, Saturn and Neptune
Which planet is closest to the Sun and has the greatest temperature extremes?
a) Venus b) Saturn c) Mercury d) Earth
Which planet is called Earth's twin, has out of control Greenhouse Effect, no moons and and evidence of recent volcanic and tectonic activity?
a) Mars b) Venus c) Mercury d) Jupiter
Which planet has polar ice caps, Olympus mons, Valles Marineris and appears red from iron oxide in weathered rocks?
a) Uranus b) Jupiter c) Venus d) Mars
Which planet has the lowest density, would float on water, stunning ring system and the moon Titan?
a) Saturn b) Jupiter c) Mars d) Mercury
Which planet has an axis of rotation that is parallel with the plane of its orbit?
a) Saturn b) Uranus c) Jupiter d) Neptune
Which planet has the Great Dark Spot and the volcanically active moon named Triton?
a) Venus b) Jupiter c) Saturn d) Neptune
Which is the largest, most massive planet with a storm, the Great Red Spot, and the Moon, Io that is volcanically active?
a) Saturn b) Venus c) Jupiter d) Neptune
A small, very cold, icy world that is sometimes closer to the Sun than Neptune describes
a) Pluto b) Mercury c) Mars d) Saturn
Which planet is known to be positioned just right in the Solar System to make life possible?
a) Venus b) Earth c) Pluto d) Mars
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