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The fancy decorative writing displayed in the mosques is called.
a) calligraphy b) minaret c) astrolabe d)
Letting people keep their beliefs and religion is practicing?
a) philosophy b) tolerance c) suffering d) jihad
Muslims must give to the poor. This is called?
a) Prayer b) Charity c) Fasting d) Traveling
What is a Muslim building of worship?
a) mosque b) synagogue c) church d) temple
What is making a holy trip to Mecca called?
a) hajj b) sawm c) sakeem d) jihad
The Islamic religion began by whom?
a) Jesus b) Muhammad c) Allah d) Ms. Harrison
What must Muslims do 5 times a day?
a) SIng b) Eat c) Fast d) Pray
What is the Holy book of Islam?
a) Torah b) Qur'an c) Bible d) Vedas
Which empire used slave soldiers called Jaissaires to fight?
a) Mughal b) Safavid c) Ottoman d)
Muslims made the greatest achievements in___________
a) Astronomy b) Philosophy c) Math d) Medicine
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