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To cut off a body part, especially by surgery
a) amputate b) cadaver c) discard d) autopsy
Examination of a cadaver to determine or confirm the cause of death
a) dyspepsia b) autopsy c) commit d) confine
A group of people appointed by a chief of state or prime minister to head executive departments and act as official advisors
a) commit b) embroider c) Cabinet d) cadaver
A dead body, especially one intended for dissection.
a) amputate b) commit c) fond d) cadaver
To place officially in confinement or custody
a) commit b) discard c) fond d) confine
To keep within bounds; restrict
a) cadaver b) confine c) commit d) discard
To throw away; reject
a) amputate b) commit c) confine d) discard
Disturbed digestion; indigestion
a) fond b) embroider c) dyspepsia d) confine
To ornament with needlework
a) embroider b) discard c) confine d) fond
Having a strong liking, inclination or affection
a) commit b) cadaver c) fond d) discard
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