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What is the difference between an indentured servant and the slave?
a) Indentured servant can work off freedom. A slave can not. b) Indentured servant makes money a slave does not. c) d)
What crop became the cash crop of Jamestown?
a) Tobacco b) Corn c) d)
The main purpose of the Jamestown settlement was to find what?
a) Gold b) Spices c) d)
Henry Hudson was looking for what passage?
a) Northwest passage b) Southwest passage c) East west passage d)
Why did countries want to control the mouth of the Mississippi River?
a) Trade b) Food c) d)
Which group of people taught Native Americans about Christianity?
a) Spanish b) French c) English d)
The French found wealth in what trade?
a) Fur trade b) Spices c) Gold d) Food
When Europeans arrived in North America, did Native American land increase or decrease?
a) Decreased b) Increased c) Same d)
What are 4 diseases Europeans passed to Native Americans.
a) Smallpox, measles, scarlet fever, influenza b) Cold, measles, sinuses, influenza c) d)
Which would most likely have these ( fishing, shipping, lumber)
a) New England Colonies b) Middle c) Southern d)
Is William Penn a Puritan or a Quaker?
a) Quaker b) Puritan c) d)
Why did farming take place in the southern colonies but not New England?
a) Southern colonies had warmer temperatures b) New England had warmer temperatures c) d)
Who started the colony of Rhode Island?
a) Roger Williams b) John Smith c) d)
Three people that were banished from the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony?
a) Anne Hutchinson, Thomas Hooker, and Roger Williams b) Thomas Hooker, Anne Hutchinson, and John Smith c) d)
What land was being fraught over in the French and Indian war?
a) The Proclamation of 1763 b) Constitution c) Sons of Liberty d)
Why did Britain decide to pass the Intolerable Acts?
a) Boston Tea Party b) Boston Massacre c) d)
In which event was Crispus Attucks killed?
a) Boston Massacre b) Boston Tea Party c) d)
What group was responsible for the Boston Tea Party?
a) Sons of Liberty b) Quakers c) d)
What was the reason for the Boston Tea Party?
a) Taxes b) Gold c) d)
What does it mean to quarter soldiers?
a) House them b) Let them go c) d)
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