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We grew tomatoes in the school garden. We had _______ tomatoes before.
a) grew b) growing c) gone d) grown
This is the first time Richard and Gaddiel do the homework. They had never _______ homework before.
a) doing b) done c) did d) does
Danyra flew to Canada last week. She hadn't _______ to Canada before.
a) fly b) paid c) kept d) flown
This is the first time Adriana feeds a lion in a circus. She had never _______ a lion before.
a) feed b) eaten c) fed d) fly
This is the first time Laura has a date with Dario. She had never _______ a date with a boring person.
a) have b) had c) haves d) sent
This is not the fist time Mr. Peter Crown falls in love. He had _______ in love before.
a) fallen b) fell c) feel d) felt
Shelly wrote a great book about Mental Health. She had never _______ a book before.
a) known b) drunk c) written d) gotten
This is not the first time Mr. Machi sings a romantic song to Shakira. He had _______ to her many times before.
a) sung b) song c) sing d) singer
Joseph Moon forgot his Wedding Aniversary. He had ________ his anniversary before.
a) forget b) forgot c) forgotten d) told
This is the first time Diana and Nayla take a tour. They had never ______ a tour before.
a) took b) take c) been d) taken
Zulema and her friends were in Paris last year. They had _______ to Paris before.
a) worn b) seen c) been d) made
Nicole went to the destist yesterday. She hadn't _______ to the destist this year.
a) be b) gone c) goes d) was
This is the first time I give flowers to my mom. I had never ______ her flowers before.
a) gave b) given c) buy d) seen
Mary found a job in the newspaper yesterday. She had never _______ a job in the newspaper before.
a) find b) eat c) work d) found
They are nervous about the exam. The had never _______ nervous about it before.
a) been b) are c) is d) be
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