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unadorned; stern; without much money
a) prosaic b) austere c) ephemeral d) volition
conscious choice
a) volition b) didactic c) ascetic d) dogmatic
different; incompatible
a) disparate b) disparage c) insipid d) prosaic
to belittle; say uncomplimentary things about someone
a) didactic b) disparate c) deride d) disparage
dull; unimaginative piece of writing (book, speech, report, etc)..
a) insipid b) prosaic c) didactic d) profuse
If you are undecided about which college to attend, you might _____________ about which one to select.
a) austere b) deride c) vacillate d) deference
Our of ____________________ to his parents, he decided to attend church with them each Sunday.
a) insipid b) deference c) profuse d) austere
The monks lived ________________ lifestyles, denying themselves material posessions such as computers, cars, and fancy clothes.
a) ascetic b) insipid c) prosaic d) dogmatic
The professor shared his _________________ idea with his collegues, even though they knew his nuclear formula would never work.
a) dogmatic b) austere c) insipid d) didactic
The Smartboard is a ___________________ tool that teachers use to deliver quality instruction.
a) ephemeral b) volition c) profuse d) didactic
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