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Who was the first human in space?
a) John Glenn b) Yuri Gagarin c) Alan Shephard d) Michael Collins
Which of the following events occurred first?
a) First Astronaut walks on Moon b) Skylab is launched c) US spacecraft visits far side of Moon d) the International Space Station is launched
__ provides a place to live, work, do experiments and exercise while in space several months.
a) a space probe b) a space station c) a space shuttle d) a helicopter
John Glenn was the first American to orbit Earth is this type of vehicle.
a) space probe b) space shuttle c) space station d) satellite
Where is our solar sytem located in our galaxy?
a) in the midle of a cluster of galaxies b) in the nucleus of the galaxy c) on a spiral arm of the galaxy d) on a bar of our spiral galaxy
Scientific studies have shown that sunspots occur in cycles.
a) Sunspot maxima occur about every 20 years. b) Sunspot maxima occur about every 15 years. c) Sunspot maxima occur about every 11 years. d) Sunspot maxima occur about every 8 years.
Hydrogen is fused into helium in the Sun's
a) core b) corona c) photosphere d) chromosphere
The Sun's layer, the ___, is visible only during a total solar eclipse.
a) corona b) chromosphere c) core d) photosphere
If the light from a star is red-shifted, then it is
a) standing still. b) moving toward us. c) moving away from us. d) always a red giant.
We live in which galaxy?
a) the Andromeda Galaxy b) the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy c) the Orion Galaxy d) the Milky Way Galaxy
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