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an energy-storing compound that cannot mix with water
a) lipid b) phospholipids c) d)
an organism that breaks down the remains of dead organisms or animal waste to get energy
a) decomposer b) producer c) d)
a large molecule made up of smaller molecules called amino acids
a) fiber b) protein c) d)
an organism that eats other organisms or organic matter
a) consumer b) producer c) d)
the major energy-carrying molecule in the cell
a) ATP b) DPT c) d)
a molecule of sugars
a) carbohydrate b) nucleic acid c) d)
an organism that makes its own food
a) decomposer b) producer c) d)
a molecules that forms much of the cell membrane
a) phospholipid b) lipid c) d)
a molecule that is sometimes called the blueprint of life
a) hydrochloric acid b) nucleic acid c) d)
Loves Snoopy:)
a) Mrs. Parkerson b) Mrs. Marks c) d)
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