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What is it called when a mineral splits to form smooth, flat surfaces?
a) fracture b) luster c) cleavage d) streak
What is a solid, geometric form with a repeating pattern?
a) rock b) streak c) crystal d) luster
What is the way a surface of a mineral reflects light?
a) cleavage b) fracture c) luster d) streak
What is a naturally occurring inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition?
a) rock b) mineral c) crystal d) Big Mac
Temperature and pressure form what kind of minerals?
a) metamorphism b) crystal c) silicate d) magma and lava
What is the scale that determines hardness of minerals?
a) Moos b) Hardness c) Metamorphic d) Mohs
What are minerals that contain silicon and oxygen?
a) magma b) silicate minerals c) lava d) crystals
What is it called when a mineral breaks unevenly?
a) cleavage b) luster c) fracture d) streak
What is the color of the powdered form of a mineral?
a) streak b) fracture c) luster d) crystal
Minerals can form as these cool and harden.
a) magma and lava b) silicate minerals c) rocks d) crystals
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