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Who wrote the 95 Theses?
a) God b) Henry VIII c) Martin Luther d)
95 Theses was a list that told people that it was wrong for church to sell what?
a) indulgences b) Bibles c) goods d)
What did Martin Luther want people to read?
a) Koran b) Bible c) Greek plays d)
Which group became more powerful after the Reformation?
a) Protestants b) monarchs c) popes d) Catholic priests
Divorce allowed Henry VIII to end his what?
a) taxes b) Church of England c) power d) divorce
An indulgence said that a person's sins were
a) good b) bad c) forgiven d) none of the above
Why did Catholics want to make changes in the church?
a) church had too much power b) church had too much land c) church had too much wealth d) all of the above
What was the movement to change the Roman Catholic Church?
a) Scientific Revolution b) Reformation c) divorce d) Renaissance
Who did King Henry VIII want to marry?
a) Anne Boleyn b) Queen Catherine c) Queen Elizabeth d) Joan of Arc
What new churches started during the Reformation?
a) Methodist b) Baptist c) Protestant d)
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