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painful or difficult urination is called what?
a) diuresis b) micturation c) dysuria d) incontinence
which term means distenstion of an ureter?
a) ureterostensis b) uretermeagly c) ureterctasis d) ureterorrhagia
Excessive urination is
a) anuria b) polyuria c) dysuria d) oliguria
A disorder characterized by the presence of kidney stones is?
a) nephrolithiasis b) nephrititis c) nephrolysis d) nephrolithotomy
the congentia abnormality where the uretheral opening is on one side of the penis is?
a) hypospadias b) sidospadia c) epispadias d) paraspadias
which term means an increase in the excretion of urine?
a) anuria b) polyuria c) dysuria d) diruesis
which term means pain in the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder/
a) ureteralgia b) ureterodynia c) urethrodynia d) urethralgia
Which structure of the kidney contains the collecting tubules?
a) Cortex b) pylorisus c) bowman's capsule d) Medulla
Which term means bleeding from the bladder .
a) cystorrhagia b) cystorr c) cystorrhea d) cystorrhapy
The outer layer of the kidney is called the
a) cortex b) glomerulus c) pelvis d) medulla
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