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What should you always read before using a chemical?
a) Ads b) Price Tag c) Labels d)
What does it mean to inhale something?
a) Burn it b) Smell or brethe it in c) Eat or drink it d)
Where is the best place to store a chemical?
a) Beside a furnance b) In a milk jug c) In a locked cabinet d)
What is an example of a cosmetic?
a) Kerosene b) Lipstick c) Ammonia d)
What does it mean to ingest something?
a) Smell it b) Eat it c) Touch it d)
What should you never do without asking a doctor?
a) Drink Water b) Mix Medications c) Exercise d)
What is an example of a fuel?
a) Lighter Fluid b) Lipstick c) Windex d)
What should never be mixed with bleach?
a) Laundry Detergent b) Water c) Ammonia d)
What does flammable mean?
a) Safe to use b) Can catch on fire c) Harms the eyes d)
Which of the items below is a chemical?
a) Chair b) Table c) Air Freshner d)
Which of the following is an example of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)?
a) Glove and goggles b) Knife c) Necklace d)
Who should you call immediately if a child swallows some medication from your medicine cabinet?
a) your mom b) your neighbor c) Poison Control d)
Which of the following is used to kill bugs?
a) Varnish b) Pesticide c) Sealant d)
Which of the following should you wear a mask when using?
a) oil paints b) Mascara c) Aspirin d)
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