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Which time period is correct?
a) 1880s-1940s b) 1800s-1890s c) 1760s-1850s d) 1874-1912
Who was the author of Maggie: A Girl of the Streets?
a) Nathaniel Hawthorne b) Richard Nixon c) Stephen Crane d) Mark Twain
Which of these is a book from the naturalism period?
a) The Jungle (Sinclair) b) The Scarlett Letter (Hawthorne) c) The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) d) Wuthering Heights (Bronte)
All of these differentiate Realism from Romanticism except what?
a) True-to-life descriptions b) Stress on supernatural events c) Influenced by journalistic techniques d) Focus on more mundane issues
Which of these authors is not a naturalist?
a) John Steinbeck b) Jack London c) Upton Sinclair d) John Keats
Which of these authors is not a realist?
a) Mark Twain b) Flannery O'Connor c) Stephen Crane d) George Eliot
What American Social Era did realism most closely coincide with?
a) The Gilded Age b) The Civil War c) Reconstruction d) Antebellum
Who wrote The Red Badge of Courage?
a) Upton Sinclair b) Stephen Crane c) Jack London d) John Steinbeck
Which of these is one of the main techniques of realism/naturalism?
a) Terse Diction b) Extended Metaphor c) Biblical Allusion d) Ornate Language
Which of these is not a key idea of Realism?
a) Presentation of truth b) The beauty of the everyday c) Study of human nature d) Discussion of religious ideals
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