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Who is Athena?
a) She is the goddess of war, wisdom and arts and crafts b) She is the goddess of the Atlantic Ocean. c) She is the goddess of shields and spears. d) She is Zeus' wife.
The parthenon is in ...
a) Athens, Greece. b) London, England. c) Altea, Spain. d) Mikonos, Greece.
Athena and Minerva are the same goddess?
a) Maybe b) No c) Only for Greek people. d) Yes
Which present did Athena made to Greece?
a) an orange tree b) ten olives c) an olive tree d) gold
Zeus is a man, but he was pregnant. Is it true?
a) No, he couldn't have children because he is a god. b) No, he did not have offspring. c) Yes, he gave birht to many children. d) Yes, he gave birth to Athena.
Athena is more beautiful than Medusa. Is it true?
a) No, she lost the beauty contest against Medusa. b) Yes, she won the beauty contest against Medusa. c) d)
Hercules is ....
a) a god. b) a human. c) half human and half god. d) half human and half animal.
Zeus is the god of...
a) sky and thunder b) spy and hunger c) hunger and murder d)
Perseus killed....
a) Athena b) Medusa c) Hercules d) Zeus
The parthenon is dedicated to...
a) Athena b) Medusa c) Metis d)
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