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Which of the following are NOT part of the plan to save on the amount of landfill trash?
a) Reduce b) Reuse c) Recycle d) Revisit
Which is the government agency that protects the environment?
a) FBI b) FDNY c) EPA d) DDT
This gas is emitted by power plants and cars that burn gas. It is the main cause of global warming.
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Radon c) Mercury d) Ozone
The mixture of smoke, fog, and chemicals is ______
a) Acid Rain b) Global Warming c) Smog d) Fossil Fuel
On earth, we only have _____% of freshwater.
a) 3 b) 25 c) 75 d) 100
If a resource has a limit on how much is available, it is called ____
a) Renewable b) Green c) Practical d) Nonrenewable
What is it called when you split an atom in 2?
a) Fission b) Fusion c) Chemical d) Combustion
What types of atoms are used in most nuclear power plants?
a) Hydrogen b) Uranium c) Mercury d) Oxygen
What is the ability to do work called?
a) Motion b) Force c) Energy d) Power
The _________ layer is a layer of gas high in the atmosphere that protects Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.
a) Ozone b) Radon c) Hydrogen d) Carbon Dioxide
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