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For this ionic compound, what would be the name of the anion? KMnO4
a) potassite b) potassiate c) permanganite d) permanganate
For this ionic compound, what would be the name of the anion? Ca(NO3)2
a) nitrite b) nitrate c) calcite d) sulfate
A polyatomic ion that contains two hydrogen atoms is called
a) dihydrogen b) bihydrogen c) duohydrogen d) double-hydrogen
If there are two similar, oxygen-containing ions, the ion with more oxygen atoms ends in
a) -ite b) -ate c) -ide d) -ade
What is the correct formula for silver bromide?
a) SiBr b) AgBr c) SiBr2 d) AgBr3
Name this compound: GaAs
a) gallium arsenite b) gallium arsenide c) germanium arsenite d) germanium arsenide
Name this compound: Cu3P
a) copper phosphite b) copper (III) palladide c) copper (I) phosphide d) copper (III) phosphide
What is the name of this ion: Cl- ?
a) cacide b) chlorate c) chloride d) chlorine ion
What is the name of this ion: Sn4+ ?
a) tin (II) b) tin (IV) c) scandium (IV) d) scandium (II)
Which of the following is not a polyatomic ion?
a) NO3 − b) CaCO3 c) C2H3O2− d) C6H5COO−
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