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Which cortical layer is the deepest?
a) inner pyramidal b) multiform c) molecular d) inner granular
Which neurons project specifically to the thalamus?
a) pyramidal b) stellate c) fusiform d) interneurons
Which area of the cortex processes visual information?
a) Brodmann Area 1,2,3 b) Brodmann Area 4 c) Brodmann Area 7 d) Brodmann Area 18,19
Which structure is NOT involved with auditory information?
a) lateral geniculate body b) cochlea c) primary auditory cortex d) inferior colliculus
Which thalamic nucleus is a relay type?
a) intralaminar b) VPM c) mediodorsal d) pulvinar
What is the function of the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus?
a) body composition b) checking blood CO2 levels c) circadian rhythm d) aggression / rage
Which structure is most essential for fear and anxiety?
a) hippocampus b) Papez circuit c) stria terminalis d) amygdala
Where is oxytocin produced?
a) periventricular zone b) pituitary gland c) tuberal region d) lateral zone
Which of the following is NOT a function of the hypothalamus and pituitary?
a) produce HGH b) produce vasopressin c) produce melatonin d) produce oxytocin
What structure collects mineral deposits?
a) PAG b) pituitary gland c) pineal gland d) corpora quadrigemina
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