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In school, we ____ about maths, English, and geography.
a) teach b) reach c) learn d) take up
You --reach for the stars-- when you
a) have a stars collection b) have a postcards collection c) have big ambitions d) keep a promise
I ___ piano when I was 6 years old.
a) look up b) take up c) takes up d) took up
The language they speak in Russia is ___
a) English b) Russian c) Chinese d) Russien
Ben ___ his cousin Larry.
a) took up b) take up c) take after d) takes after
This book is too high! I cannot ___ it.
a) teach b) take up c) reach d) look up
I need to ____ information about kangaroos for a research paper.
a) takes up b) look up c) took up d) search up
Your mother has blue eyes. You have blue eyes, too. You ___ her.
a) take after b) learn c) took up d) look after
Moby ___ to collect stars.
a) wants b) learn c) look up d) takes after
the babysitter ___ the babies.
a) looks up b) look up c) looks out d) looks after
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