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What is an area surrounded by water on 3 sides?
a) Archipelago b) Peninsula c) Island d) Isthmus
Where did the Greeks go to consult the gods?
a) Pericles b) Acropolis c) Oracles d) Parthenon
What is something that united the various Greek city-states?
a) Language b) All c) Customs d) The Olympics
What was a time period called when the Greeks cared little for learning?
a) Age of Zeus b) Dark Ages c) Golden Ages d) Age of Pericles
Who was the chief god of the Ancient Greeks?
a) Zeus b) Hades c) Apollo d) Persephone
Who was a great philosopher of Ancient Greece?
a) Aristotle b) All c) Plato d) Socrates
What was a poem written by Homer which described the Trojan War?
a) The Illiad b) The History of the Peloponessian War c) Troy d) 300
How would you describe the religious belief of the Greeks?
a) Montheist b) Polytheist c) Agnostic d) All
What building was constructed in Athens to honor the goddess Athena?
a) Acropolis b) Agora c) Megora d) Parthenon
Who was the father of democracy?
a) Plato b) Socrates c) Pericles d) Agememnon
Who were leaders who siezed power in Greece?
a) Dictators b) Tyrants c) Aristocrats d) Presidents
What was the name of the long-story telling poems of the Greeks?
a) Tragedies b) Dramas c) Comedies d) Epics
Which of the following was an early civilization of Ancient Greece?
a) Both b) Mycenaeans c) Minoans d) None
What means to live forever?
a) Oracle b) Indivisible c) Invisible d) Immortal
What was the main difference between the gods and humans according to Greek belief?
a) Gods were immortal b) The gods never got jealous c) The gods were not spiteful d) The gods never participated in wars
What was name of the high city of Ancient Greece?
a) Athens b) Delphi c) Oracle d) Acropolis
What is a story written by the Greeks that usually ends in disaster for the main character?
a) Comedy b) Tragedy c) Drama d) Epic
How did the Ancient Greeks make their living?
a) Farming b) Hunting c) Trading/Conquering d) Silk Road
What was a common occurence between the various Greek city-states?
a) War b) Peace c) They never contacted each other d) All
What were payments made to Athens by their allies?
a) Trial b) Trireme c) Tribute d) Donation
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