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Which of the following is a producer?
a) a cow b) a mushroom c) a bettle d) an oak tree
Decomposition is carried out by ____.
a) fungi b) heterotrophic bacteria c) both A and B d) none of the above
Tertiary consumers feed on
a) producers b) promary consumers c) secondary comers d) none of the above
Solar energy is first transformed by ______ when it enters an ecosystem.
a) producers b) primary consumers c) secondary consumers d) detritivores
In the food chain: acorns > squirrels > fox > bacteria, the fox is a _______.
a) producer b) primary consumer c) secondary consumer d) detritivores
An example of an omnivore is a _______.
a) rabbit b) chipmunk c) beech tree d) snake
Nitrogen is needed to produce ___________.
a) amino acids b) nucleic acids c) both a and b d) none of the above
Plants need bacteria to incorporate _____________ into organic compounds.
a) carbon b) nitrogen c) oxygen d) neon
The evaporation of water from plants is called
a) respiration b) distillation c) transpiration d) fermentation
Which of the following is contributing to the overload of the carbon cycle?
a) photosynthesis b) deforestation c) cellular respiration d) all of the above
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