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The Big Dipper is part of what constellation?
a) Ursa Major b) Ursa Minor c) Orion d) Polaris
The amount of starlight received Earth.
a) Apparent magnitude b) Absolute magnitude c) Real magnitude d) Achieved magnitude
What color is the Sun?
a) Yellow b) Red c) Blue d) Green
The actual amount of light a star gives off.
a) Absolute magnitude b) apparent magnitude c) real magnitude d) achieved magnitude
What is another name for the North Star?
a) Polaris b) Rigel c) Sirius d) Blindirus
These are groups of stars that form patterns.
a) constellations b) parallax c) spectra d) light year
This is the apparent shift in position of an object when viewed from two different places.
a) parallax b) apparent magnitude c) spectrum d) constellation
Relatively cool stars look either orange or what other color?
a) yellow b) red c) white-blue d) purple
This is the brightest star in the sky
a) Sirius b) Rigel c) Balthasus d) Polaris
How long is a light year?
a) 9.5 trillion km/yr b) 3 trillion km/yr c) 7.5 million km/yr d) 5 billion km/yr
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