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To draw a conclusion or make a judgment based upon evidence
a) Infer b) Analyze c) Describe d) Support
Something that relates to or is connected to the matter at hand
a) Analyze b) Relevant c) Evidence d) Represent
To stand for; symbolize
a) Describe b) Infer c) Represent d) Express
To give backing evidence or details for a thought or opinion
a) Topic b) Conclude c) Evaluate d) Support
The subject of a speech, essay, story or conversation;what it is about
a) Evidence b) Detail c) Support d) Topic
To judge the value or importance of something
a) Describe b) Represent c) Evaluate d) Support
To tell the facts or details of something verbally or in writing
a) Describe b) Analyze c) Infer d) Examine
To draw a conclusion or make a judgment based upon evidence
a) Express b) Define c) Infer d) Explain
To use words to communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and opinions
a) Conclude b) Explain c) Evaluate d) Express
To study, examine, look closely to understand in detail
a) Describe b) Define c) Infer d) Analyze
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