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Mechanical devices that help us do work
a) speed b) work c) machine d) motion
A force that acts on objects. It makes moving objects slow down or stop.
a) weight b) friction c) gravity d) force
Tells how fast an object is moving.
a) speed b) work c) motion d) direction
Tells how much gravity pulls on an object.
a) force b) friction c) weight d) gravity
Happens when an object changes position when compared to other objects.
a) speed b) distance c) direction d) motion
Used to measure the amount of force it takes to push or pull an obejct.
a) spring scale b) push-pull meter c) weight d) Newton
A certain place.
a) work b) distance c) motion d) position
A force that pulls objects toward Earth.
a) gravity b) friction c) force d) weight
Is done only when a force is applied to an object and the object moves a measurable distance.
a) position b) work c) machine d) motion
Shows how much force it takes to lift something.
a) weight b) Newton c) push-pull meter d) spring scale
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