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Who founded Buddhism?
a) Siddhartha Gautama b) Jesus c) Abraham d) Muhammed
What geographic problem do China and Japan share?
a) desertification b) deforestation c) earthquakes d) tornado
What ancient civilization had Mohenjo-Daro?
a) Ancient Egypt b) Mesopotamia c) Huang He d) Indus
What religion connects with the Ganges?
a) Hinduism b) Buddhism c) Islam d) Judaism
Name a mountain range in Asia
a) Rocky Mountains b) Zagros Mountains c) Himalaya Mountains d) Andes Mountains
The spread of cities is called what?
a) seismic activity b) deforestation c) desertification d) urbanization
How is power gained in a dictatorship?
a) force b) vote c) inherit d) people choice
What river is in the Huang He civilization?
a) Indus River b) Yellow River c) Tigris River d) Euphrates River
Belief in many gods is called what?
a) polytheism b) monotheism c) theocracy d) monarchy
Natural disaster that mainly affects India
a) monsoons b) earthquakes c) volcanoes d) Ring of Fire
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