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What was the extent of the Great Plains?
a) Appalachian Mtns. to Atlantic Ocean b) Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean c) Mississippi River to Rocky Mtns. d) Pacific Ocean to Rocky Mtns.
What was the largest silver mine
a) Rogers Lode b) Harris Claim c) Eperson Mine d) Comstock Lode
Where was arsenic found?
a) Near silver mines b) In streams near gold mines c) Near coal mines d) In streams near copper mines
When did Colorado become a state?
a) 1876 b) 1853 c) 1865 d) 1894
What Native American ceremony lasted four days?
a) Rain Dance b) Ghost Dance c) Sun Dance d) Wedding ceremony
What tribe almost made it to Canada before being stopped
a) Sioux b) Apache c) Comanche d) Nez Perce
During what dance was Sitting Bull killed?
a) Sun Dance b) Ghost Dance c) Rain Dance d) Coming-of-Age Ceremony
What was the Sacred Mysterious translated as?
a) God b) The Great Spirit c) Mother Earth d) Nature
Miners and who else are credited with starting the transformation of the West?
a) Settlers b) Merchants c) Railroad Builders d) Ship Builders
Where were valuable ores NOT found?
a) Oregon b) Wyoming c) Colorado d) Idaho
Butte, Montana was served by what railroad?
a) Central Pacific b) Northern Railroad c) Union Pacific d) Northwest Railroad
What is a subsidy?
a) A grant of land or money b) A home mortgage c) A college degree d) A small breed of dog
What is a vigilante?
a) Someone who is very vigilant b) A restaurant manager c) A self-appointed law keeper d) A type of hat
Where did the Union Pacific Railroad start buildiing from?
a) Omaha, Nebraska b) Sacramento, California c) Butte, Montana d) Cheyenne, Wyoming
What is a travois?
a) A type of catapult b) A small sled pulled by dogs or horses c) A French pastry d) The number 3 in the Sioux language
What Native American woman went to war against the Crow?
a) Long Horse-Face Woman b) Good To Her Children c) Runs With The Wind d) The Other Magpie
What treaty was signed in 1851
a) Fort Lyon b) Fort Laramie c) Fort Bozeman d) Fort Reputation
Who were Black Kettle and his tribe attacked by?
a) John Fetterman b) Festus Hemington c) John Chivington d) Sitting Bull
Who did Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeat?
a) John Chivington b) George Custer c) William Fetterman d) Albert Bozeman
What were the Navajos forced to endure?
a) The Trail of Tears b) Wounded Knee c) Sand Creek Massacre d) The Long walk
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