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Which Dynasty is associated with China's Golden Age, peace, wealth and progress?
a) Shang b) Zhou c) Qin d) Han
The _______________ Dynasty was during a time when China's first written language, pictographs, were created.
a) Zhou b) Qin c) Shang d) Han
The Qin Dynasty was part of a time when people obeyed their leader because they _______________ him.
a) respected b) feared c) looked up to d) agreed with
Which Dynasty was part of a time when a peasant became a great leader?
a) Han b) Zhou c) Shang d) Qin
During the Qin Dynasty the teachings of Confucius were ___________________.
a) read b) destroyed c) spread d) respected
During which Dynasy did the Feudal System first begin?
a) Shang b) Han c) Qin d) Zhou
The Zhou Dynasty was a time when the __________________ States Period occurred. .
a) Huangdi b) Daoism c) Warring d) Chengdu
During which Dynasty did the Chinese people settle along the Huang He?
a) Zhou b) Qin c) Shang d) Han
During the Han Dynasty a major _______________ route was established which stretched over 5,000 miles.
a) war b) trade c) river d) water
Which Dynasty was during the time of standardization?
a) Han b) Zhou c) Shang d) Qin
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