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Which group of people started creating fire?
a) Paleolithic b) Neolithic c) d)
Which group started farming?
a) Neolithic b) Paleolithic c) d)
Which group built the pyramids?
a) Egyptians b) Romans c) d)
Which group was nomadic?
a) Mongolians b) Romans c) d)
Which group built the colosseum?
a) Romans b) Greeks c) d)
Which city-state were known for fierce fighting skills?
a) Spartans b) Athenians c) d)
Which city-state was an oligarchy?
a) Sparta b) Athenians c) d)
If you travelled on the Nile River, what continent would you be on?
a) Africa b) Asia c) d)
Who was the first female pharaoh?
a) Hatsepsut b) Ramses c) d)
Which emperor named his horse as a consul?
a) Caligula b) Vespasian c) d)
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