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Indigo was used to make what color dye?
a) blue b) red c) orange d) green
The colony of Maryland was established for which religion?
a) Catholics b) Church of England c) Puritans d) Protestants
Which colony is NOT part of the Middle Colonies
a) Maryland b) Pennsylvania c) New York d) New Jersey
The Middle Colonies were mostly established for
a) economic opportunities b) religious purposes c) military protection d) to search for gold
Part of Pennsylvania was used to form this colony.
a) Delaware b) Maryland c) New Jersey d) Georgia
What was the nickname of the Middle Colonies?
a) Breadbasket Colonies b) The Farming Colonies c) The Wheat Colonies d) The Bakery Colonies
William Penn was part of this religion
a) Quaker b) Pilgrim c) Puritan d) Catholic
Businessmen that owned colonies were known as
a) proprietors b) governors c) chiefs d) assemblies
New York City's original name was
a) New Amsterdam b) New York Town c) New Boston d) New Paris
Which group were allowed to vote in New England?
a) white men that owned land b) all men c) all men and woman d) any adult that wasn't a slave
The House of Burgesses made the laws for which colony?
a) Virginia b) Carolina c) Maryland d) Pennsylvania
The common in a New England village was
a) a central grassy area b) a meeting house c) a church d) a supply storage center
What was not a cash crop of the Southern Colonies when they were first established?
a) cotton b) rice c) indigo d) tobacco
In Britain, these people would be sent to jail if they owed more money than they could afford.
a) debtors b) indentured servants c) loan servants d) slaves
Which is NOT true about Georgia?
a) It was established to be the center of the slave trade. b) It was established with the hope of using debtors to work there. c) It was established to protect the British colonies from the Spanish in Florida. d) It was established to protect the British colonies from the French in the west.
The biggest port in the Southern Colonies was
a) Charles Town b) Roanoke c) Jamestown d) Savannah
In 1729, one colony split into
a) North and South Carolina b) West Virginia and Virginia c) Georgia and Florida d) Maryland and Delaware
An apprentice would
a) work under an expert to learn a trade b) be sent to the Natives to learn a language c) used as a navigator on ocean voyages d) would be sent to jail due to their debts
True or False: All 13 colonies had slaves.
a) True b) False c) d)
James Oglethorpe made alliances with this powerful tribe.
a) Creek b) Iroquois c) Powhatan d) Cherokee
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