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This group established a colony at Plymouth for religious freedom
a) Pilgrims b) Puritans c) Quakers d) Huguenots
They gained passage to the colonies by agreeing to work for 5-7 years to pay for their trip.
a) indentured servants b) debtors c) slaves d) soldiers
This was NOT one of the New England colonies
a) New York b) New Hampshire c) Rhode Island d) Massachusetts
The principle cash crop of the Southern colonies was
a) tobacco b) rice c) lumber d) wheat
They were the original owners of the New York colony.
a) Dutch b) Spanish c) French d) Portuguese
The colony of Roanoke became
a) the Lost Colony b) a leader in tobacco farming c) a center of trade d) the capital of the Carolinas
An official document granting certain rights is a(n)
a) charter b) deed c) export d) title
Samuel de Champlain established a fur trading post at
a) Quebec b) New York c) Boston d) New Orleans
The Great Lakes were first explored by the
a) French b) English c) Dutch d) Spanish
A cash crop is
a) grown to make a profit b) grown to feed the people c) grown to trade with Natives d) None of the above
Jamestown became successful after John Rolfe started growing
a) tobacco b) wheat c) rice d) indigo
The Pilgrims and Natives had a feast that became the first
a) Thanksgiving b) Christmas c) Groundhog's Day d) Festivus
The legend says John Smith's life was spared by
a) Pocahontas b) Powhatan c) John Rolfe d) King James I
Puritans wanted to change, but not leave, the
a) Church of England b) Catholic Church c) Quaker Church d) Protestant Church
The first governor of Puritan Massachusetts was
a) John Winthrop b) William Penn c) Roger Williams d) Thomas Hooker
To accept the beliefs of others is to __________ them.
a) tolerate b) bias c) ignore d) change
Thomas Hooker was force to leave Massachusetts. He then established the colony of
a) Connecticut b) Rhode Island c) New Hampshire d) Delaware
Roger Williams believed Puritans should tolerate the religious views of others. He was forced to leave Massachusetts so established the colony of
a) Rhode Island b) Connecticut c) Carolina d) Virginia
Most wars between Natives and Colonists were fought over
a) land b) gold c) trade d) weapons
Which best describes how most New England colonies were formed?
a) For religious freedom b) For economic opportunities c) To find Gold d) To trade with Asia
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