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What percent of Earth's water is fresh water?
a) 97 b) 71 c) 30 d) 3
Water that falls to Earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail is called
a) condensation b) evaporation c) precipitaiton d) transpiration
Using less water is one way to practice water ___.
a) filtration b) distribution c) conservation d) irrigation
The 3 major steps of the water cycle are
a) evaporation, abrasion, and precipitation b) irrigation, precipitation, and conservation c) evaporation, condensation, and precipitation d) saturation, evaporation, and liquification
A technique that uses sound waves to measure the depth of the ocean floor is
a) dredging b) sonar c) scuba d) weighted lines
Which of the following features is made up of a range of mountain that wind through the ocean
a) seamount b) trench c) abyssal plain d) mid-ocean ridge
The horizontal distance between wave crests is the
a) frequency b) wavelength c) trough d) wave height
Salinity is a measure of which of the following in water?
a) carbon dioxide b) oxygen c) dissolved salts d) sand
As you descend through the water column,
a) temperature decreases b) pressure decreases c) light increases d) density decreases
A tide with the LEAST difference between low and high tide is called a
a) spring tide b) neap tide c) rip tide d) monthly tide
A large stream of moving water that flows through the oceans is called a(an)
a) current b) tsunami c) tide d) undertow
Which of the following is true of El Nino?
a) scientists fully understand the conditions that create El Nino b) El Nino affects only the ocean, not the land c) El Nino can cause sever storms and can prevent upwelling in certain areas d) El Nino usually occurs twice a year
The total amount of water on Earth
a) is increasing b) is fairly constant c) is decreasing d) depends on the weather
Water that fills the cracks and spaces in underground soil and rock layers is called
a) salt water b) rainwater c) ground water d) water vapor
A nearly flat region of the ocean floor, covered with thick layers of sediment, is called
a) seamount b) abyssal plain c) continental slope d) mid-ocean ridge
The size of a wave is NOT affected by the
a) length of time the wind blows across the water b) salinity of the water c) strength of the wind d) distance the wind blows across the water
A rush of water that flows rapidly back to sea through a narrow opening is called a
a) longshore drift b) breaker c) tsunami d) rip current
Tides are caused by
a) strong winds that blow over ocean waters b) the interaction of Earth, the moon, and the sun c) the shifting of the plates on the ocean floor d) variations in the salinity of ocean water
In the Northern Hemisphere, currents curve to the right because of the
a) longshore drift b) density c) Coriolis effect d) moon's gravity
The movement of cold, deep ocean water to replace warm water at the surface is called
a) upwelling b) a surface current c) the Coriolis effect d) El Nino
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