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In what country did Hinduism orgininate?
a) Egypt b) India c) Mexico d) Babylon
What is the name of the holy river?
a) Nile b) Indus c) Tigris d) Ganges
Who is Shiva?
a) God of all b) God of destruction c) God of caring d) None of the above
What is dharma?
a) morality b) Reincarnation c) a holy river d) a priest
Sanskrit is
a) a type of clothing b) A special food at feast time c) an anceint language d) water that has been blessed
Who is the god of all living things?
a) Brahmin b) Brahman c) Vishnu d) Shiva
The social order is called the
a) Power pyramid b) The classes c) Caste system d) Royal system
Reincarnation is the belief in
a) Rebirth b) Holiness of all living things c) A religious ceremony d) Similar to the Olympics
The lowest of the caste system people are the
a) Skilled workers b) Craftsmen c) Slaves d) Untouchables
A sacred animal in India is the
a) Pig b) cat c) cow d) dog
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